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Using a flat iron on curly hair

People say that I am blessed with curly and frizzy hair. But if you ask me I am irritated with the texture and looks of my hair since I cannot style them like my friends with straight hair do. My rough mane is the biggest obstacle in getting my stylized version. I also wanna look elegant and pretty like my girl friends. I have a load full of curly hair which requires frequent visits to hair salon. I pity my purse so much since it ends up empty before middle of the month. All my paycheck is spent on these salon sessions. I had a notion that only salon professionals can handle my unruly hair when a friend broke this illusion and recommended that I use a flat Iron.


Flat Irons work as heated hair straightening iron or simply a straightener. It consists of two iron plates that get heated when powered with electricity. It is a handheld tool to flatten the hair. Flat iron irons out the frizzy  structure of hair by applying a perfect amount of heat. By using flat iron we quickly and easily get straight and smooth hair in the comfort of your home. No need waste time in expensive salons. A flat iron is a portable tool that will not only give your gorgeous straight hair but also help to get them smooth and manageable.


After doing a bit of research, I finally decided to buy a flat iron to get rid of the curly and frizzy hair. While picking the best flat iron for me, I took my hair type and length into account. I choose a ceramic flat iron for my hair use since it is the one the most popular flat irons in the market and widely used in salons. The plates of ceramic flat iron heat up quickly, because of the smooth plates. It leaves you hair with amazing shine and health. The ends of my hair now look much smoother and managed than earlier. Its curved edges provide super easy styling. This ceramic flat iron is far superior to other kind of flat irons . It heats up in less than 60 minutes an ideal to tone down the fluff of curly hair.


I just take care not to use it immediately after a hair wash. I apply hair serum on my hair before using the flat iron. I use this flat iron daily and love the appreciation and jealousy in the eyes of my friends.

For more info on styling your hair at home, these videos are of great help.