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How to Take Care of Your New Vacuum Cleaner


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A vacuum cleaner is an essential equipment to make cleaning jobs easy in any home. It is one of the best investments you can make. I always consider that, like any other equipment, it is your responsibility to maintain your vacuum cleaner in good condition by taking proper care so that it gives optimum performance for years. Today, I am listing down some of the measures I take to care for my vacuum cleaner.




Buying Good Equipment

Buying good equipment is very important. As I mentioned earlier, it is an investment, so invest your money wisely. I always prefer to buy the best vacuum cleaners available as they are generally easy to clean.



Replace the Bag Regularly

ro14I always replace the bags when it is 2/3 full. I know it sounds a little strange, as many believe that you need to replace the bag only when it becomes full. But, in my experience, when you replace the bag regularly, the vacuum cleaner gives the best performance and remains in a good condition. There are some high end models without bags that allow you to see how much dirt it has accumulated. If you are using a bag-less model, I recommend you to clean it after each use to maintain the filtration. A dirty filter will reduce the suction and restrict the flow of air and this can result in overheating.


Care for the Brush and belt

I clean the brush rolls of my vacuum cleaner regularly. Belts stretch over time, so I change the belts in such cases so that the brush rotates well to maintain cleaning effectiveness.


Cleaning Vent Covers

The vacuum cleaner contains a number of vents. It is very important to clean the vent covers on a regular basis to make it function properly. If you don’t clean the vent covers, a lot of debris will cover the vents and your vacuum cleaner will not work efficiency. I clean the vents on a regular basis, not before each use, but at least once in a month.


Cleaning Filters

Just like vent covers, I keep the filters clean. It is the filter that traps the tiny dust particles from your floor. If the filter is not working properly, then it becomes really difficult for the vacuum cleaner to work efficiently so you need to replace it. I also keep the hoses clean. Hoses may get trapped with small objects that prevent it from working correctly.



I get my vacuum cleaner serviced by the company technicians once a year to keep it in perfect working condition. As advised by experts spending a few minutes on keeping it clean can add years to your vacuum cleaner’s life.