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Soft Mattresses are bad for Your Back

Does the quality of the mattress have any effect on the sleep you are getting? Does a bad mattress cause any harm to your back? When I dug deep for answering these questions and carried out research, I found that a mattress and sleep go hand in hand. Considering that a majority of the people spend approximately one third of their lifetime lying on a bed, selecting the correct mattress is very important for managing lower back pain. A bad mattress can cause severe problems to your back. A mattress that is too soft can cause your body to sink and get into bad posture when you are sleeping. This can result in back pain.


I was always attracted to soft mattresses as it looked very attractive and comfortable. It looks relaxing and welcoming when you first lie down on it after a hectic day of work. Always remember that what makes you feel comfortable for some time when you lie down on it need not always promise a good night’s sleep. It is during the night that a soft mattress lets you down.


Support is an important factor in preventing back pain. Support is undermined by extremely soft mattresses. Sagging happens when a portion of the mattress compresses and lowers more than the other sections of the bed. In my experience, I found that soft mattresses do not provide enough support to your spine that is essential for making you feel comfortable and wake up full of energy the next day.


In short, a soft mattress will cause severe back pain and make you uncomfortable the next day. So, what are the qualities of a good mattress? In my view, a good mattress should be one that gives gentle decompression through the night. A good mattress will allow your back to relax. It will help to keep you refreshed and feel light.


Even though a soft mattress that confirms correctly to your body’s natural contours to help in the right alignment of joints, you may also sink deeply into it. This can sometimes cause your joints to twist resulting in pain during the night. After a few days of usage, the mattress will become softer and cease being appropriate causing more problems.


A firm mattress overcomes all the negative qualities of soft mattress. But you need to be cautious when moving from a soft mattress to a firm mattress. Your transition should be slow so that your body gets enough time to adjust to the new mattress.


So next time when you go out to buy a new mattress, make sure you select a firm mattress that helps you get a good amount of sleep and keeps your back away from pain.