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Point and shoot cameras – a great gift idea

So are there any birthday parties you are invited to attend? And I know you aren’t a person who’ll gift useless things to your loved ones, just for the sake of gifting. Keeping that in note, today I will give you a great gift idea to nail it right there – a point and shoot camera.

Point and shoot cameras make a wonderful gift. These are my quick reasons why you must think about gifting a P&S this Christmas or an upcoming birthday.


If you are picture quality conscious, then let me inform you that by using some smart photography tips and carefulness you can capture a DSLR-quality picture with a point and shoot camera.

They are far less in cost than a DSLR. Most reliable and high-end Point and shoot cams cost even less than an entry-level DSLR. You won’t need to compromise on the image quality with it. The right technique with P&S will get you what a DSLR will.

They are very comfortable to carry everywhere. They are pocket-able and small enough for easy single handed operations. They are so compact that even the young photographers at your home can showcase their photographic talents using a P&S.




They have simple, user-friendly operational menus. They are so simple and intuitive in use that anyone with knowledge of simple English can operate guided by the easy menu instructions. You can easily make adjustments for a better picture, anytime.

They do not make sound while capturing. Most point and shoot cameras have only a few moving parts like the zooming lenses and the shutter which make negligible, well actually no sound at all, while capturing a click. This makes P&S best suited for those who do their work discreetly.

They are great for experimenting. Since they are lightweight, easy to carry, economical and super easy to use, it becomes a best option for beginner photography. Moreover it gives you a large room for experiments. You can shoot continuously with them on different locations and at different angles and apply your ideas to check later on how they actually come on the screen.  When you are confident enough you can use a professional camera or any other one to take the final shot that looks the best.

There are many other benefits of a P&S camera and in a broad view they stand out as an ideal gift to a dear one who wishes to try his hands on photography as a new skill.