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I just bought a new camcorder!

A camcorder is indeed a prudent investment, even in this age of Smartphone and DSLRs. I tell you what, I just bought a camcorder last week which is awesome. However, before buying it I was in a great confusion (you know I am always choosy in buying gadgets). So I researched, read reviews and finally bought this branded unit from a nearby store. While searching for a good quality camcorder; I realized how difficult it can be to select the right recording device. Hence I decided to list down all that helped me to choose my perfect camcorder. 




Types and budget  

Decide on a budget and then select the type of the camcorder to best fit your needs. Today’s camcorders come in three categories, mainstream, advanced and pocket camcorders.  The mainstream camcorders are the basic and most popular ones that are best suited for home videos, sports events, functions etc. The advanced camcorders produce better quality videos than the former and are used for  professional videography (for shooting a short film or documentary etc). The pocket camcorders are for personal use, I mean for small quick works such as blogging etc. they produce a little lighter quality video than the above two.


Image quality or resolution

The resolution of a camcorder is the unit to measure the quality of the video it will capture. Higher the resolution, better will be the video quality. Resolution simply specifies the pixels.




If the resolution is same then compare the sensors of the device. In such a case where resolutions are similar, a higher sensor will produce better video.


Bit rate  

The bit rate of a camcorder also plays an important role in improving the video quality. A better bit rate will produce the improved quality video. Hence compare this as well.



Only a naive can avoid audio feature while buying a video recorder. Audio is as important as the video for a complete visual pleasure. Hence when you buy a camcorder, do look for good quality audio recording mechanism of the camcorder. Question about the number of mikes (mono or stereo). Mono mics collect sound from one direction while stereo does it from two or more dimensions. Stereo mics are better than mono mics.




These are the basic features that I inquired about before buying a camcorder. I also looked for additional features such as WiFi, memory, battery life, and record time etc. Hope you also find a perfect camcorder like me!!

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