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How I decided to buy a radar detector

Violating rules aren’t my cup of tea. But then people question me why I bought a radar detector when I never go off the limit. And it is a fact indeed. I never thought that I’ll ever need a radar detector myself, until of course this incident.

So I was driving at a perfect pace that evening when I had to halt at a red signal on the way. A biker stopped parallel to me and as the signal turned green he moved with everyone. Only then I noticed his documents falling down which he didn’t realize. So, I picked it up, thinking it might be very important, and followed him so that I can return it to him at next red signal. I assume he was late for the urgent task because he was driving very fast. And in the course of chasing him, I didn’t realize that I was driving way above the permitted speed limit.


And then we both stopped again on the next red signal where I handed him his papers. While he was thanking me and I was telling him how fast I drove to catch him, but couldn’t, until this stop, a cop came to me and gave me a speeding ticket.  It was $15 ticket. $15 dude!! It really is a big ticket for a commoner like me and that too for helping another person. I am no Bill Gates!!


Adding to my astonishment that biker moved on for free.  Why only I was charged with it? I mean that biker was also driving at the same speed. Isn’t it?


The only difference between both of us was that he had a radar detector installed in his vehicle. THAT saved him as he slowed down just at the right time before the radar detector caught him speeding. That is the day when I realized the true importance of a radar detector and immediately bought one for me.

I am not favoring the rule breakers or encouraging the violation of traffic laws. Having a radar detector to help you doesn’t mean you can or you should break the speed rules every time. But the detector definitely is a savior in times such as above, i.e. when you break speed laws in case of an emergency.

See I am not a rule breaker, but if only I had a radar detector that day, I could have slowed down the speed before being hurt of $15. Driving safely and under the limit is a good thing, which one must actually do, but then purchasing a radar detector for saving yourself of heavy pocket pains is not bad either!