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Child Car Seats – Convertible or Regular?

When I had my first baby, one of the important purchases I had to make was a child car seat. I spent a few days on researching before deciding on the type of car seat to buy. I still believe both the models, convertible and regular infant seats are good and have a lot of advantages. You should choose the right one that suits your requirement.




Regular infant seats are the more conventional ones when compared to convertible seats. The infant seat that I checked had two pieces, a base and a carrier. You can install the base using a latch connector in the car. Once the base is placed, you can easily fit the carrier into the base. The carrier also comes with seat belts. The main disadvantage I found in infant seats is that it becomes useless after a year or so. Once the baby grows and reaches 12 or 18 months of age, the baby will not fit into a carrier. The weight of carriers is really huge, so when you place your baby in it, it will only add to the weight.


ro1A convertible seat, in my opinion, overcomes the disadvantages of infant seats. The main advantage of a convertible seat is that you can keep it in rear and front facing positions. I found it very useful as I could keep my baby in rear facing position during her initial years. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies should be kept in a rear face position for at least 2 years. After my baby completed 2 years, I was able to change the position and keep it in a front facing position. I never had to worry about changing the seat again and again.


I have read some negative feedback about the convertible seats. The main disadvantage they are more expensive when compared to infant seats.  It always stays there in your car and the amount of space it occupies is more when compared to infant seats. But in my view point, that is fine. My baby felt comfortable in it and I was able to use the same seat for almost 4 years till my little one was old enough to sit in the back seat.

If you are planning to buy a child car seat for your baby, I recommend you to check both the options and then select the best one. Both models have their advantages and disadvantages.