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How to get the right tent for your camping endeavors


Choosing the right camping tent for your particular destination can be quite hard if you have no clue what you’re doing. The market is overflowing with options, and you need a guide to tell you the specifics of each type of tent and how it is going to fit into your lifestyle. And this is what I am trying to do here.

The list I’ve created talks in general lines about what are the purposes of a diverse palette of tents, how they differentiate from each other, and which tent is the best with which type of weather. In the end, I think this will help you make a better buying decision, one that will bring you a lot of satisfaction.

One of the first aspects that matter when choosing a tent for you and your family is its size. If you’re planning to travel by yourself, any size will do. But if you want a partner and maybe even a pet, then make sure the tent you buy specifies the maximum number of persons it can accommodate. It is usually written on the box or in the description of the item.

If you want to travel in more than one season, then it is essential that the tent you choose can withstand any weather conditions. There are the so-called extended season tents, which are lighter and they allow for the air to circulate naturally inside the products, but at the same time, they are engineered to be suitable to be used in summer or late spring.

Those items have a long life and strength, their ventilation system allows you to sleep with your partner without it getting too hot inside, but they are not so great when used in winter, as they lose warmth fast.

If you want something that genuinely works all year round, and that you can take with you anywhere from a desert to a mountain peak, go for a four season tent. A four-season tent is specially designed to survive strong winds, it is insulated and waterproof to the extreme, all things which make it ideal for inhospitable weather.

These types of tents are created from more substantial materials than their summer counterparts, which make them chunkier and not as compact. What you get instead is a reliable product that can be used anytime you feel like it. Thus, it will make your life simpler.

The topic of choosing the right model for your travels is an extended one, but here you have some of the essential ones that I think will guide you in the right direction. If you want to study this problem in extenso, here you have an informative article that I think will shed a lot of light when it comes to the secrets of tent buying.


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How I decided to buy a radar detector

Violating rules aren’t my cup of tea. But then people question me why I bought a radar detector when I never go off the limit. And it is a fact indeed. I never thought that I’ll ever need a radar detector myself, until of course this incident.

So I was driving at a perfect pace that evening when I had to halt at a red signal on the way. A biker stopped parallel to me and as the signal turned green he moved with everyone. Only then I noticed his documents falling down which he didn’t realize. So, I picked it up, thinking it might be very important, and followed him so that I can return it to him at next red signal. I assume he was late for the urgent task because he was driving very fast. And in the course of chasing him, I didn’t realize that I was driving way above the permitted speed limit.


And then we both stopped again on the next red signal where I handed him his papers. While he was thanking me and I was telling him how fast I drove to catch him, but couldn’t, until this stop, a cop came to me and gave me a speeding ticket.  It was $15 ticket. $15 dude!! It really is a big ticket for a commoner like me and that too for helping another person. I am no Bill Gates!!


Adding to my astonishment that biker moved on for free.  Why only I was charged with it? I mean that biker was also driving at the same speed. Isn’t it?


The only difference between both of us was that he had a radar detector installed in his vehicle. THAT saved him as he slowed down just at the right time before the radar detector caught him speeding. That is the day when I realized the true importance of a radar detector and immediately bought one for me.

I am not favoring the rule breakers or encouraging the violation of traffic laws. Having a radar detector to help you doesn’t mean you can or you should break the speed rules every time. But the detector definitely is a savior in times such as above, i.e. when you break speed laws in case of an emergency.

See I am not a rule breaker, but if only I had a radar detector that day, I could have slowed down the speed before being hurt of $15. Driving safely and under the limit is a good thing, which one must actually do, but then purchasing a radar detector for saving yourself of heavy pocket pains is not bad either!


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How to Take Care of Your New Vacuum Cleaner


Woman hovering rug

A vacuum cleaner is an essential equipment to make cleaning jobs easy in any home. It is one of the best investments you can make. I always consider that, like any other equipment, it is your responsibility to maintain your vacuum cleaner in good condition by taking proper care so that it gives optimum performance for years. Today, I am listing down some of the measures I take to care for my vacuum cleaner.




Buying Good Equipment

Buying good equipment is very important. As I mentioned earlier, it is an investment, so invest your money wisely. I always prefer to buy the best vacuum cleaners available as they are generally easy to clean.



Replace the Bag Regularly

ro14I always replace the bags when it is 2/3 full. I know it sounds a little strange, as many believe that you need to replace the bag only when it becomes full. But, in my experience, when you replace the bag regularly, the vacuum cleaner gives the best performance and remains in a good condition. There are some high end models without bags that allow you to see how much dirt it has accumulated. If you are using a bag-less model, I recommend you to clean it after each use to maintain the filtration. A dirty filter will reduce the suction and restrict the flow of air and this can result in overheating.


Care for the Brush and belt

I clean the brush rolls of my vacuum cleaner regularly. Belts stretch over time, so I change the belts in such cases so that the brush rotates well to maintain cleaning effectiveness.


Cleaning Vent Covers

The vacuum cleaner contains a number of vents. It is very important to clean the vent covers on a regular basis to make it function properly. If you don’t clean the vent covers, a lot of debris will cover the vents and your vacuum cleaner will not work efficiency. I clean the vents on a regular basis, not before each use, but at least once in a month.


Cleaning Filters

Just like vent covers, I keep the filters clean. It is the filter that traps the tiny dust particles from your floor. If the filter is not working properly, then it becomes really difficult for the vacuum cleaner to work efficiently so you need to replace it. I also keep the hoses clean. Hoses may get trapped with small objects that prevent it from working correctly.



I get my vacuum cleaner serviced by the company technicians once a year to keep it in perfect working condition. As advised by experts spending a few minutes on keeping it clean can add years to your vacuum cleaner’s life.


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Using a flat iron on curly hair

People say that I am blessed with curly and frizzy hair. But if you ask me I am irritated with the texture and looks of my hair since I cannot style them like my friends with straight hair do. My rough mane is the biggest obstacle in getting my stylized version. I also wanna look elegant and pretty like my girl friends. I have a load full of curly hair which requires frequent visits to hair salon. I pity my purse so much since it ends up empty before middle of the month. All my paycheck is spent on these salon sessions. I had a notion that only salon professionals can handle my unruly hair when a friend broke this illusion and recommended that I use a flat Iron.


Flat Irons work as heated hair straightening iron or simply a straightener. It consists of two iron plates that get heated when powered with electricity. It is a handheld tool to flatten the hair. Flat iron irons out the frizzy  structure of hair by applying a perfect amount of heat. By using flat iron we quickly and easily get straight and smooth hair in the comfort of your home. No need waste time in expensive salons. A flat iron is a portable tool that will not only give your gorgeous straight hair but also help to get them smooth and manageable.


After doing a bit of research, I finally decided to buy a flat iron to get rid of the curly and frizzy hair. While picking the best flat iron for me, I took my hair type and length into account. I choose a ceramic flat iron for my hair use since it is the one the most popular flat irons in the market and widely used in salons. The plates of ceramic flat iron heat up quickly, because of the smooth plates. It leaves you hair with amazing shine and health. The ends of my hair now look much smoother and managed than earlier. Its curved edges provide super easy styling. This ceramic flat iron is far superior to other kind of flat irons . It heats up in less than 60 minutes an ideal to tone down the fluff of curly hair.


I just take care not to use it immediately after a hair wash. I apply hair serum on my hair before using the flat iron. I use this flat iron daily and love the appreciation and jealousy in the eyes of my friends.

For more info on styling your hair at home, these videos are of great help.

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Soft Mattresses are bad for Your Back

Does the quality of the mattress have any effect on the sleep you are getting? Does a bad mattress cause any harm to your back? When I dug deep for answering these questions and carried out research, I found that a mattress and sleep go hand in hand. Considering that a majority of the people spend approximately one third of their lifetime lying on a bed, selecting the correct mattress is very important for managing lower back pain. A bad mattress can cause severe problems to your back. A mattress that is too soft can cause your body to sink and get into bad posture when you are sleeping. This can result in back pain.


I was always attracted to soft mattresses as it looked very attractive and comfortable. It looks relaxing and welcoming when you first lie down on it after a hectic day of work. Always remember that what makes you feel comfortable for some time when you lie down on it need not always promise a good night’s sleep. It is during the night that a soft mattress lets you down.


Support is an important factor in preventing back pain. Support is undermined by extremely soft mattresses. Sagging happens when a portion of the mattress compresses and lowers more than the other sections of the bed. In my experience, I found that soft mattresses do not provide enough support to your spine that is essential for making you feel comfortable and wake up full of energy the next day.


In short, a soft mattress will cause severe back pain and make you uncomfortable the next day. So, what are the qualities of a good mattress? In my view, a good mattress should be one that gives gentle decompression through the night. A good mattress will allow your back to relax. It will help to keep you refreshed and feel light.


Even though a soft mattress that confirms correctly to your body’s natural contours to help in the right alignment of joints, you may also sink deeply into it. This can sometimes cause your joints to twist resulting in pain during the night. After a few days of usage, the mattress will become softer and cease being appropriate causing more problems.


A firm mattress overcomes all the negative qualities of soft mattress. But you need to be cautious when moving from a soft mattress to a firm mattress. Your transition should be slow so that your body gets enough time to adjust to the new mattress.


So next time when you go out to buy a new mattress, make sure you select a firm mattress that helps you get a good amount of sleep and keeps your back away from pain.


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Child Car Seats – Convertible or Regular?

When I had my first baby, one of the important purchases I had to make was a child car seat. I spent a few days on researching before deciding on the type of car seat to buy. I still believe both the models, convertible and regular infant seats are good and have a lot of advantages. You should choose the right one that suits your requirement.




Regular infant seats are the more conventional ones when compared to convertible seats. The infant seat that I checked had two pieces, a base and a carrier. You can install the base using a latch connector in the car. Once the base is placed, you can easily fit the carrier into the base. The carrier also comes with seat belts. The main disadvantage I found in infant seats is that it becomes useless after a year or so. Once the baby grows and reaches 12 or 18 months of age, the baby will not fit into a carrier. The weight of carriers is really huge, so when you place your baby in it, it will only add to the weight.


ro1A convertible seat, in my opinion, overcomes the disadvantages of infant seats. The main advantage of a convertible seat is that you can keep it in rear and front facing positions. I found it very useful as I could keep my baby in rear facing position during her initial years. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies should be kept in a rear face position for at least 2 years. After my baby completed 2 years, I was able to change the position and keep it in a front facing position. I never had to worry about changing the seat again and again.


I have read some negative feedback about the convertible seats. The main disadvantage they are more expensive when compared to infant seats.  It always stays there in your car and the amount of space it occupies is more when compared to infant seats. But in my view point, that is fine. My baby felt comfortable in it and I was able to use the same seat for almost 4 years till my little one was old enough to sit in the back seat.

If you are planning to buy a child car seat for your baby, I recommend you to check both the options and then select the best one. Both models have their advantages and disadvantages.




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Safety considerations while operating a GPS system

GPS systems can be really helpful to anybody out there since it is a revolutionary positioning device to determine a person’s position anywhere in the world. But at the same instance, it can be really attention diverting while driving. It can save your time but can also lead to accidents if handled carelessly.  However, using it carefully and keeping in mind the following safety measures can surely make the best use of a GPS system and save you away from road mishaps.



Never program while driving

Always set up the destination before you leave. This will keep you away from getting distracted in between driving and also makes sure that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself or someone else on the road.



Learn your GPS’s functions properly

Just like any other gadget, different GPS models come with different settings and therefore it is important that you understand your unit properly to make the correct use of it quickly in high times. Know all the settings and controls properly to avoid mishaps.



Mount it properly in the right position

Mounting can be an important factor to consider. Mounting the unit at an improper position inside the vehicle may cause serious damage to the unit. Avoid mounting it on the dashboard, it may lead to distractions. Make sure it is not mounted on your line of sight.


The GPS is a computer

If it says to follow a route that you already know is not correct or is under construction, DO NOT go with what the GPS says, and use your own intelligence. Don’t consider the GPS the ultimate god. Take your decision on the basis of your knowledge and experience whenever required.


Before you finally leave, test the suggested route yourself

GPS unit is computer and works on the input provided by the user. Even a negligible typo can lead to a serious mistake by giving you the wrong route . Therefore before you leave, take a minute and read out the entire route properly.


Use audible instructions

It is a prudent choice to use voice instructions instead of visual ones. This will allow you to keep your eyes on the road while driving, which is very important. Here’s a video on how this works:



These instructions are extremely basic yet often ignored. Do follow them to protect yourself and others from accidents. Be careful, be safe !!


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I just bought a new camcorder!

A camcorder is indeed a prudent investment, even in this age of Smartphone and DSLRs. I tell you what, I just bought a camcorder last week which is awesome. However, before buying it I was in a great confusion (you know I am always choosy in buying gadgets). So I researched, read reviews and finally bought this branded unit from a nearby store. While searching for a good quality camcorder; I realized how difficult it can be to select the right recording device. Hence I decided to list down all that helped me to choose my perfect camcorder. 




Types and budget  

Decide on a budget and then select the type of the camcorder to best fit your needs. Today’s camcorders come in three categories, mainstream, advanced and pocket camcorders.  The mainstream camcorders are the basic and most popular ones that are best suited for home videos, sports events, functions etc. The advanced camcorders produce better quality videos than the former and are used for  professional videography (for shooting a short film or documentary etc). The pocket camcorders are for personal use, I mean for small quick works such as blogging etc. they produce a little lighter quality video than the above two.


Image quality or resolution

The resolution of a camcorder is the unit to measure the quality of the video it will capture. Higher the resolution, better will be the video quality. Resolution simply specifies the pixels.




If the resolution is same then compare the sensors of the device. In such a case where resolutions are similar, a higher sensor will produce better video.


Bit rate  

The bit rate of a camcorder also plays an important role in improving the video quality. A better bit rate will produce the improved quality video. Hence compare this as well.



Only a naive can avoid audio feature while buying a video recorder. Audio is as important as the video for a complete visual pleasure. Hence when you buy a camcorder, do look for good quality audio recording mechanism of the camcorder. Question about the number of mikes (mono or stereo). Mono mics collect sound from one direction while stereo does it from two or more dimensions. Stereo mics are better than mono mics.




These are the basic features that I inquired about before buying a camcorder. I also looked for additional features such as WiFi, memory, battery life, and record time etc. Hope you also find a perfect camcorder like me!!

Websites and articles you should check: and