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Globecomm provides VSAT network for Iraqi oil communications
oil communications

24th October 2014 – Globecomm has just completed the installation of a 158Mb VSAT network for a European-based client conducting exploration in Iraq. “The main exploration site alone has a crew camp that supports 5,000 people working and living there,” said Patrick Visser of Globecomm Europe. “Communications services will be heavily used for both business and private purposes, and it has been engineered to guarantee a high level of quality and reliability.” […]

Satellite phones en route to Brazil
sat phones

23rd October 2014 – An approved comms option has just come to light, from Inmarsat, for companies and government entities operating in Brazil for mining, power, shipping, and humanitarian relief. The provider of global mobile satellite comms has confirmed that its IsatPhone satellite phone portfolio has been approved for use in the region. […]

EMC QuickSkid for faster, independent, connectivity offshore
EMC QuickSkid

21st October 2014 – Make way for Bring Your Own Connectivity as a new offering becomes available this week from EMC. The company has just launched QuickSkid to enable faster, more reliable and flexible communications for the oil and gas industry. It means that rig and vessel operators and service providers, who prefer not to use the communications provided by a company owner, can now install their own connectivity. […]

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks to acquire Optoplan
submarine networks

22nd October 2014 – Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN) signs a binding agreement for the acquisition of Optoplan, a provider of 4D permanent reservoir monitoring used in offshore oil and gas production. “While ASN is already a leading player in oil and gas platform connectivity, Optoplan will extend our capabilities in the oil and gas domain, fully supporting the industrial plan to diversify our presence and capture new segments in this highly promising market.” […]

12 EMAS Group vessels benefit from SpeedCast network
satellite network connectivity

20th October 2014 – Singapore based EMAS Group, a global contractor providing offshore/subsea construction services, has awarded a multi-year contract to SpeedCast International Limited. Initially, 12 vessels will be furnished with the new satellite network, with […]