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Strategic Partnership Networks North American Mine

17th April 2014: Sabine Mine has selected partners to install a high bandwidth kinetic mesh network technology to improve operational logistics and enhance safety at its North America surface operation. Spread out over a large area, the Sabine Mine has two active pits with four drag lines, multiple vehicles, equipment and personnel dispersed over rugged terrain. It needed a flexible, self-configuring network that could establish and maintain a secure connection across multiple moving assets with no down time. In response, it chose Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of kinetic mesh networks, and Becker Wholesale Mine Supply, the leading supplier of mining electrical products and services in the Western Hemisphere and a subsidiary of Becker Mining America, to help solve its mining broadband communication network challenges. Since this first successful installation, the company has expanded the network solution by adding 10 more nodes across the second pit.

Ensco Orders Two ENSCO 140 Series Jackups

16th April 2014: Ensco plc has ordered two high-specification jackups, ENSCO 140 and ENSCO 141. The new jackups, scheduled for delivery in mid-2016 from Lamprell’s newest shipyard located in the United Arab Emirates, will be suitable for most of the markets around the world outside of the Middle East.  They will be equipped with living quarters and 140 beds for working crews.  With this new order, Ensco now has eight newbuild rigs under construction: five premium jackups and three ultra-deepwater drillships.

RigNet & CPN Launch SCADA Solution for Oilfield Service Companies

15th April 2014: RigNet, Inc, a leading global provider of managed communications solutions to the oil and gas industry ~ and CPN Satellite Services, have introduced a packaged SCADA solution for use by oilfield service companies. It combines a Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M terminal with a custom enclosure system from CPN to offer OFS companies an efficient and reliable SCADA solution for monitoring electrical submersible pumps.

Redline Communications Extends High Speed Wireless to Vehicles, Ships & Offshore

14th April 2014: Redline Communications Group Inc, a provider of mission-critical wireless networks, has announced two specialized additions to its RAS series of high speed mobile wireless terminals – RAS-extend land vehicle (LV), and RAS-extend marine. LV delivers high speed network connectivity to people and equipment in land vehicles operating in remote areas, while RAS-extend marine connects offshore platforms and marine vessels. “What Redline delivers with RAS-Extend is high speed and long range wireless communications for mobile assets such as ships or maritime drilling platforms, as well as a system that anyone can use at any time without specialized training,” said Bojan Subasic, vice president of development and production at Redline.

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SES & GOGO Deliver Hi-speed Broadband on Transatlantic Flights

11th April 2014: SES has just informed us that in-flight communications services provider, Gogo, has started its first transatlantic connectivity service. The two companies signed satellite capacity and ground support agreements about a year ago, aimed at the continuous delivery of high-speed broadband internet connectivity services to passengers flying over the US, the Atlantic Ocean region, and Europe. Gogo’s Ku-band in-flight service relies on three SES spacecraft. The SES-1 satellite enables airline passengers flying over the US; SES-6 satellite provides seamless coverage over the North Atlantic; and the SES-4 spacecraft serves Europe.

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Spring 2014

The M2M, IoT & SCADA Edition


cottamICT and the Nigerian Oil Industry: Teresa Cottam, chief strategist at Telesperience, looks at using ICT to improve commercial, operational and employee outcomes in the Nigerian oil industry.

Can satellite services respond to growing oil and gas needs?
Vaughan O’Grady looks at the year ahead for the remote comms sector.

The names may change but the role of sat comms remains the same.
While M2M is the current darling of the big mobile providers, it has long been bread and butter for leading mobile satellite service providers. Gavan Murphy, director of marketing for EMEA and LatAm at Globalstar explains how users can get the best of both worlds with hybrid solutions.

Meet Signalhorn CEO, Robert Kubbernus, and find out more about the company’s work in the remote comms sector, and why he thinks that “the next 20 years are going to get really interesting.” 

changing the conversation
Changing the conversation

Industry associations look to change the discussions surrounding the modern business of satellite communications.

Hub Urlings2014: Hub Urlings of M2sat takes a closer look at developments in the mobile satellite world ~ and what could be in store for a consolidated market.

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