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IDC Energy insights for busy Oil&Gas CIOs
IDC Energy Insights

While it’s important to manage budgets during lean times, IDC Energy recommends that companies allocate funds to build a platform for analytics, create an enterprise architecture, a road map, and a plan to ensure a thorough understanding of what you have, where you want to go, and how to get there before you start. […]

Energy sector cyber security attacks double
cyber security oil and gas

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the energy sector faces more cyber attacks than any other industry. Attacks on industrial control system networks are on the rise; and a new survey of more than 150 IT professionals in the energy, utilities, and oil and gas industries has revealed further concerning insights. […]

New SES+ network, as mobility drives flat antennas
Flat panel antennas

As mobility applications propel the flat panel satellite antenna market, SES aims to tackle the unrelenting needs of the ‘data sectors’, with a new network, SES Plus. According to information on its website, SES teams are working around the clock on initiatives to deliver new products for the Enterprise, Maritime, Aero, and Government markets during 2016. […]

China oilfield tracks drill pipes with RFID tags
Drill pipe tracking

Regulatory requirements, weather, and operating conditions can make China’s oilfields rather challenging when it comes to asset management. But in a new development, a Chinese petroleum and chemical corporation is now tracking 1,380 drill pipes at seven well sites using RFID handheld readers and software, supplied by VictorySoft. […]

Businesses confused about who to trust for cybersecurity
data protection secure smartphone

At the end of 2015, a survey identified that IT security is being discussed with more fervour by internal cLevel executives in boardrooms around the world. But another report, published around the same time, cites growing confusion as executives feel that the responsibility for data security should reside outside of IT. So whose job is it? […]

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