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Redline etches $1m contract for wireless digital oilfield, Argentina

31 October 2014 – Redline Communications Group Inc. is having a busy year. Hot on the heels of winning a second oil super major client, it has just etched a US$1m contract for the first phase of a wireless network for an oilfield in Argentina. This new system will connect people and machines – improving productivity, efficiency and worker safety. […]

Global Marine connects offshore platforms in Southern North Sea
Global Marine

30th October 2014 – Tampnet, the provider of the largest offshore high capacity communication network in the world, has chosen Global Marine to provide subsea engineering services to extend the system. The companies have just inked a third contract to extend the offshore fibre optic network with a new cable to link offshore platforms in the Southern North Sea. […]

Globecomm provides VSAT network for Iraqi oil communications
oil communications

24th October 2014 – Globecomm has just completed the installation of a 158Mb VSAT network for a European-based client conducting exploration in Iraq. “The main exploration site alone has a crew camp that supports 5,000 people working and living there.” […]

O3b Networks ahead of satellite network schedule
O3b satellites

28th October 2014 – O3b Networks has confirmed that the launch of its third group, of four satellites, is scheduled for 18th December 2014. “2014 has been a massively exciting year for O3b, the year in which we launched commer […]

Satellite phones en route to Brazil
sat phones

23rd October 2014 – An approved comms option has just come to light, from Inmarsat, for companies and government entities operating in Brazil for mining, power, shipping, and humanitarian relief. The provider of global mobile satellite comms has confirmed that its IsatPhone satellite phone portfolio has been approved for use in the region. […]